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Josephine Wall 

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From childhood Josephine has had a passion for light and colour, fantasy and visual story telling. The life of a painter was clearly her destiny! Enchanting and detailed images flow freely from her imagination in an endless cascade of ideas.

She lives contentedly with her husband at Wysteria Cottage' where she works in a purpose built attic studio. The walls are covered with a huge wisteria, cascading gorgeous flowers - hand painted of course. Josephine is convinced that working under the pyramid shaped roof is a source of inspirational vibes, aiding her creativity! The rest of the cottage also displays her artistic nature, a woodland scene and butterflies in the kitchen, flowers and birds on the furniture and even more wisteria on the glass doors in the living room. Even the garden doesn’t escape her touch, as she likes nothing better than to spend time designing unusual features and creating an abundance of colour, with a slight bias towards a Victorian style.

She has three children and eight grandchildren, some of whom are already showing signs of an artistic tendency.

Much of the inspiration for her mystical images comes from her close observation of nature and her interest in its preservation. Though she often strives to impart a message in her scenes, she also hopes to inspire in her audience a personal journey into the magical world of their own imagination.


Rainbow Girl 

Mother Nature performs her dance of life with one foot in the flowers and the other in the stars. As she floats the rainbow of hope behind her, she promises our world will always have her protection.


Queen of the Night

Sweeping majestically across the moonlit sky, the Queen of the Night keeps watch over the sleeping world. As she travels in the company of her many inquisitive nocturnal friends, she carries within her cloak many unborn stars and planets, sparkling wonders ready to be flung into the night-time collage in some distant sky. Her vast domain encompasses our own heavens and beyond to unknown galaxies. All is kept safe and sound under her gentle and eternal protection.


Earth Angel

With the universe in her wings, Earth Angel gently cradles our precious world, bearing gifts of tranquillity, harmony and peace for all. In her wake she brings an abundance of beautiful flowers and creatures great and small to fill the idyllic countryside. The dove of peace and the rainbow of hope are her constant companions on her flight of creation.



Ocean of Dreams

Sailing on an ocean of stars the galleon with its beautiful figurehead, heads of into the night. As it sails the dream bringer unfurls her cloak and a myriad dreams spill out in its wake.


Gypsy Moth

Encouraged by the haunting sounds of the man in the moon on his guitar, the beautiful gypsy moth beats her wings to the rhythm of flamenco. Her partner takes her in his arms and moves in time to the beat of the gypsy rhythm.


Dragon Dancers

So magically do the dancers glide across the dragon's back, they feel as though they are flying through the universe. As they swirl and float through fields of flowers, the power of the music and their own movement transports them through the heavens on a journey into the unknown.


Ocean of Dreams

Sailing on an ocean of stars the galleon with its beautiful figurehead, heads of into the night. As it sails the dream bringer unfurls her cloak and a myriad dreams spill out in its wake.


The Dryad and the Dragonfly

Beyond the prying eyes of humans, deep in an enchanted forest, dwells a beautiful dryad. At the source of a meandering river, she revels in her leafy paradise, and is content to spend her time with a passing "Dragonfly”. She is not at all surprised to see that it is a mysterious creature - a dragon with dragonfly wings. Many such wonderful sights are part of her everyday life.


Titania and Oberon 2

The inspiration for this image is drawn from the masterly writings of William Shakespeare. Whether he envisioned them the same, I will never know. The King & Queen of fairyland are soaring high with their winged entourage. With the beating of many wings and the heady fragrance of woodland flowers they gather for a moonlit revel.


Moss Maiden

The beautiful Dryad lies sleeping amongst the violets with her hair flowing out to make a mossy carpet.  She is joined in her slumbers by two of her fairy friends who nestle peacefully amongst her tresses after a night of magic.


Fairy Lights

As rainbows dance across her face, what trickery is this mischievous fairy planning next?  Is she going to put a tickling spell on those silly elves?, or maybe make rabbits grow wings again..!!  Perhaps she will encourage the baby sparrows to "Cuckoo”, just to confuse us..!!  One thing is for sure - she is definitely in the mood to play


Seasons of Life

From the sea of life emerge the enthusiasm and innocence of youth in Springtime. Summer brings joy and ripening maturity which flows into the contentment and memories of Autumn. Winter brings an ever-deepening wisdom and understanding of oneself and the universe. Each season has a beauty all its own that intermingles with every other season to make life a continuing miracle.




Oh! what a wonderful night, full of dancing and romance. As she coyly wafts her fan the young woman is surprised to see that the magic of the evening seems unending. Bathed in dazzling moonlight, characters from the scenes on her fan emerge, eager to share in the magic of the night. Truly a Fan-tasy!.


Ice and Fire

Hidden well beyond the eyes of mortals a wondrous place exists. This is a place where you can be serenaded on a cloud, and where a candle lights the way to a staircase of dreams. A helping hand will guide you on a visit with the spirits of the trees. Here the fiery passion of true love can melt the coldest heart. Ice & Fire coexist in perfect harmony.


The Enchanted Flute

As a lovely girl plays her enchanted flute, the silvery notes cause fairytale cities to rise from the flowers. Joyful children sail forth to a world of adventure in a boat drawn by magical butterflies, and a whole universe of hopes and dreams pours forth to fill the air. As with the young girl, within the spirit of each one of us are treasured hopes and dreams just waiting to be carried into the universe on the wings of magical butterflies. May your dreams be lifted on butterfly wings!


Winter Dreaming

'Winter Dreaming' shows a little maiden dreaming of days gone by. The story around comprises some of my favourite dreamy images based on Victorian times (one of my favourite eras). As with other works from the Dream range the viewer is able to make up their own story, reading the scene in either direction.



Life! Where did we come from? Where are we going? Out of the vastness of space a sequence of events beginning with the tiniest of life forms ignites the spiral of evolution. Through fish, plants, animals and birds the path eventually leads to mankind. A pool of life bringing water cascades from the treetops to form a pathway to a bright and hopeful future.


The Magic Spinning Top

Amongst a box of toys in Grandma's attic the boys have found a spinning top, and as they begin to make it turn they just can't believe their eyes. They look on in wonder and delight as sparks of magic begin to whirl from the top and take the form of their every thought.

Characters from their books emerge from the enchanted cloud of stars. Wizard Ho-Ho, a playful fairy, a dragon with dragonfly wings and a flying cat, even their old broken rocking horse comes to life. A prince on a dolphin beckons them to join him on an adventure into the wonderful world of their imagination.



Guided by a star-angel, the star ship makes it's way to a magical land of giant lilies and mystical castles. A tattooed goddess reaches out to greet her visitor from the 'galaxsea'.


Millenium Tree (Tree of Peace)

As mankind emerges from the mists of time to enter a new millennium, hope abounds that all nations will be united in friendship and love (hidden faces) encircle our fragile and incredibly complex world.The D.N.A. bracelet twines round the "helping hand" guiding the younger hand of humanity that strives to explore and learn so much more.

You will find a number of famous characters that have influenced and shaped our past, present and future e.g. Darwin, Einstein, Beethoven etc.The left side symbolises nature - while the right symbolises technology and the future.The dove symbolises peace and the rainbow hope. The hands either side of the tree symbolise the need for our beautiful world to be protected forever.


Key to Eternity

This image is all about the mystery of time. The lovers shown in negative form are Time Lords responsible for the smooth passage of time, and the key to eternity. He wears a blindfold to avoid distraction and to concentrate his thoughts on his important task.

According to the language of flowers the White Poplar is said to represent time and the maiden wears a crown of its timeless leaves with their brilliant silver undersides. The water carrier represents the new age - 'Age of Aquarius'- and the past by the ancient stone circle within the everlasting clock.

The girl sitting beside the clock carries a needle perhaps to put a 'stitch in time'. The wise old owl looks on as the dandelion clocks shed their seeds continuing the everlasting circle of life. This is only one interpretation…


Stairway of Dreams

Sitting in her favourite spot on the stairs illuminated by the warm glow of a candle the young girl drifts towards sleep. As she enters the mysterious world of her subconscious imagination, a myriad images spring to life in her dreams. Dreams stimulated by the tales of saints and heroes from her storybook.


Bridge of Hope

Sometimes following a period of intense and detailed work, requiring a high degree of concentration, I feel the need to 'let myself go'. "Bridge of Hope" is a painting of this type, where I have no pre-conceived ideas, but rather a collection of spontaneous thoughts, which lead to the eventual composition. Without a deliberate central theme, it becomes whatever the viewer wishes it to be; and is open to many varied interpretations. In fact, I allow the painting to paint itself.

For example the hands forming a bridge across the river were initially not connected to the face in the sky, but later when I decided to paint her shoulder, suddenly, one of them became her hand. The little girl was nearly riding a bear or an elephant, but finally it had to be a deer. I have a lot of fun creating strange, surrealistic worlds where some images appear to be larger than life, such as the humming bird, flowers, ferns and hands, whilst others such as St. Michaels Mount and the couple floating along the river in the boat are much smaller.

A world where the mind can roam freely, to the extent of the imagination. One interpretation could be, that mother nature is holding out the hand of hope to mankind, forming a bridge, which if we choose to cross will allow us to live at one with nature, and share the responsibility for ensuring the well being of the earth and all its wonders.

It could be said that children and animals find it much easier to make this decision, demonstrated by the girl on the deer, who go unhesitatingly across. The young couple are also symbolic of hope as they float on their journey through life to a hopeful future. What is your interpretation?

Tree of Wonders

Once in a while I feel compelled to paint surrealistic collections of images. When I am in the mood I never quite know what the eventual composition will be and sometimes I am surprised at the outcome.In this painting I have placed a collection of beautiful and fascinating objects amongst the branches of a tree. 'Herne' is depicted in what is actually the doorway of the cottage where I live. Complete with eyebrow window and lamp. There are many faces of tree spirits hidden within the branches and much symbolism such as the couple who represent love.



Love is in the Air

Dancing in the moonlight the lovers are transported to a world of their own. The moon becomes a glittering mirror-ball scattering rainbow stars to light up their cloudy ballroom. When love is in the air all things are possible!


Thirst for Knowledge

Contained within a single dewdrop tear is a world of education. Mother nature dips her hands into the pool of learning, and as she opens them a mother is revealed bestowing the most precious of gifts to her child – knowledge. The young have a thirst for information which must be fed, and lessons that we learn in youth will map our route through life.


For the Love of a Mermaid

Drawn into her watery world by the mermaid's enchanting beauty, he feels compelled to dance. Taking her in his arms they swirl around performing their subterranean waltz, finding so much joy and freedom in their underwater sanctuary. Under her spell he is able to breathe freely and the magic of their love ensures he will stay with her forever.


Up, Up and Away

High above the countryside a curious fairy, with a desire to find out what lies beyond her woodland home, is being towed by her butterfly playmates. To her delight she finds that with their help she can fly even higher than her tiny wings would allow. Their wings beat in unison, and gently take her to many far off lands.


Silken Spells

This fairy loves to whirl and pirouette on the finest of cobweb silk, especially when moonbeams reflect their rainbow colours all around her gossamer wings. After her dancing is done, the wind carries her home on a playful breeze. Each miracle of nature's beauty fills her heart with joy.


Lady Galadriel

The beautiful elfin lady of the forest strolls peacefully in the fair land of Lothlorien, amongst the exquisite Mallorn trees. She pauses to gather a posy of her favourite Elanor, which grow in abundance at the foot of the trees. Her face is lit by the magical glow from the star shaped flowers and her hair tumbles over her arm like a golden waterfall. A myriad stars twinkle in the skies as if created by the power in her magical ring. In this most tranquil of places she is perfectly in tune with nature.


Crystal of Enchantment

With her powerful crystal, the enchantress conjures spellbinding magic. Gramophone horns transform into morning glories pouring forth heavenly melodies and great ships sail from seashells to a land where fairies play. The whole world is radiant with magical light and all-encompassing love that flows from her powerful spirit.


Moon Goddess

Draped in her glimmering veil of stars, the Goddess Selene tenderly guides the moon on its celestial journey, keeping watch over the night-bathed earth. Her face is lit by the gentle glow of moonbeams from the heavens and by the profound power of her own inner peace and love for mankind.


Heart and Soul

The butterfly maiden looks inquiringly up at the heavens, soul-searching as she watches the clouds form layer upon layer of strange and wonderful lands.Beneath her multicoloured, gossamer headdress beats the heart of a lion offering strength to the gentle souls in flight.A swirl of flowers forming a garland around the "Queen of the Jungle", gradually blends into sea and stars.This transitional plane is the meeting place between the butterfly's ethereal and gentle world and the lion's proud and powerful domain. The outcome of this meeting is a perfect blend for life.


Daughter of the Deep

Mortals hold seashells to their ears to hear the sounds of the seas and imagine life in the deep waters below. Perhaps a mermaid would look into a seashell to see and hear the sights and sounds of the earth above. All of us can embark on a magical voyage through the universe using our imaginations to carry us along.


Wood Nymph

Half human and half plant, the Dryad, or Wood Nymph, tends to the flora and fauna of the forest with tender loving care. The shy, wild animals trust her completely because they know they can always depend on her for kindness and understanding. Look carefully and you will find tree spirits hiding throughout this enchanting scene.


Peacock Daze

Deep in the heart of a rose filled garden, overpowered by an intoxicating perfume, a maiden is transported into a world of daydreams. As she drifts into a trance like state, she imagines herself adorned with peacocks and exotic flowers. She enjoys her fleeting moments of escapism.


The Three Graces

Three inseparable sisters – daughters of Zeus, representing all that is noble, beautiful and pure, keep watch from above. Aglaia (brightness) symbolised by brightly coloured butterflies, Euphrosyne (joyfulness) symbolised by the joyful sound of birdsong, and Thalia (bloom) symbolised by a headdress of flowers.

Above all they were goddesses, noble of grace, and a beauty which enchants. Their hair and faces shine with radiant beauty, looking down from Mount Olympus.


The Presence of Gaia

As a new dawn approaches Gaia emerges from our sleeping planet. The radiance of her aura lights up the heavens and her 'presence' gives confidence to the birds and animals to venture forth, secure in the knowledge that she will protect them. A river of life flows out to all corners of the earth, renewing and restoring. What greater 'present' could she give us!


Daydream Believer

When you daydream, all things are possible.  You can fly like the wind on a unicorn, across a magical plain strewn with flowers and a million stars.  With his rainbow mane, and jewelled horn he can whisk you off to lands unknown for adventures untold.  Who knows, If you believe enough, your dreams may become reality! 


Spirit of the Elements

The powerful spirit rises up to fill our lives with all the elements we need to complete the cycle of nature. Raging seas challenge our courage to the limits, teaching us the skills and strength we will need to endure the storms and darkness ahead.

A winter wonderland in which the landscape is transformed into a playground for us, and allows nature to slumber, gathering strength to burst forth in all it's splendour, as the first signs of spring approach.

As the dark skies clear, and we feel the tranquil breath of spring, we are greeted by a gleaming sun, which colludes with the gentle rain to bring us a myriad rainbows, and to restart the cycle of life


    Daniel B. Holeman


Daniel April 2012

Daniel Brian Holeman

Born 8:41 PM Oct. 9, 1952, San Jose, California

Artistic talent combined with life-long exploration of consciousness and devotion to self-realization has given Daniel B. Holeman an ability to depict uplifting and profound sacred imagery. His inspirational paintings have a strong impact on people. Many are deeply touched emotionally – sometimes brought to tears - and describe his paintings as the some of the most beautiful pictures they have ever seen.

Daniel's primary role in Life is that of a Spiritual Guide and Messenger - and the art that comes through him is an expression of that role. He is here to assist others in remembering their connection to Divinity and live from that place - inspired to living their fullest potential, their unique possibility.  He knows that more people being that way will bring about a better world for all Life.

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